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shopping centers

Shopping Center Real Estate Market Outlook

DATE November 30, 2016 / Author

The Shopping Center market is undergoing a drastic change from the big box and mall platform. As the post-recession economy continues to strengthen, so does the demand for shopping center commercial real estate investments. Historically low cap rates have motivated owners and developers to improve their positions, giving them the ability to earn a higher […]

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Auto repair industry report

Retail Auto Repair Industry Market Report

DATE November 8, 2016 / Author

Acquisitions, consolidation, and activist investors have shaken up the playing field in the Retail Auto Repair Industry. Wall Street is getting into the action among the national incumbents. Everyone has quickly realized there are huge profit opportunities from consolidation and expansion in the Industry. Most of the large incumbents: Pep Boys, Firestone, TBC Corporation, Goodyear, […]

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Decoding Capital Gains and 1031 Exchange

5 Things to Know About 1031 Exchanges

DATE June 28, 2016 / Author

At the most basic level, a 1031 Exchange is the swap of one business or investment asset for another. Before making any decisions, it’s important to do the math first and consult with experts. Although a 1031 Exchange is not restricted to only real estate (fine art is one of those investments), it is definitely […]

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4 Things to Know about NNN or Triple Net

DATE May 9, 2016 / Author

The term triple net (NNN) simply means net of taxes, net of maintenance, and net of insurance. A triple net investment is a freestanding retail building that is leased by a tenant responsible for paying rent, taxes, insurance premiums, repairs, and utilities. The tenant is also committed to a long-term lease, typically from 10 to […]

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Kyle B. Matthews, CCIM

10 Things to Understand About Cap Rates

DATE October 22, 2015 / Author

The capitalization rate (Cap rate) is the rate of return on the expected net income the property will generate based on the purchase price. In order to simplify decision-making for investors, I’ll break it down to a tried-and-true methodology in its simplest terms. The cap rate is the market’s assumption of presumed risk of that investment […]

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