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2018 Restaurant Outlook | Matthews™

2018 Restaurant Outlook- Infographic

DATE November 8, 2018 / Author

The U.S. restaurant industry has shifted dramatically in 2018 as consumer preferences and spending change. Restaurant operators are optimistic that business conditions will continue to improve in 2018, and into 2019. Here’s a quick look at today’s six trending restaurant cities and some of the factors that have contributed to their success. Atlanta, GA Georgia’s […]

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5 Benefits of a Sale Leaseback | Matthews™

Unlocking Equity: 5 Benefits of a Sale-leaseback for Buyers and Sellers

DATE November 6, 2018 / Author

Are you an owner-operator looking for an alternative to traditional financing? Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, a sale leaseback has advantages you should know about. WHAT IS A SALE-LEASEBACK? A sale leaseback is a real estate transaction which allows an owner-operator to sell their real estate to a buyer then lease the property […]

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Industrial Report Infographic | Matthews™

An Analysis of the Rising Industrial Asset Class: Infographic

DATE November 1, 2018 / Author

According to numerous U.S. market reports, the industrial market has accelerated tremendously over the past couple of years. E-commerce, one of the main drivers of the industrial market, is growing exponentially which has caused the industrial sector to expand in order to keep up. The following infographic will provide more information as to why the […]

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The Known Unknown of Costa Hawkins: How will the repeal affect multifamily in California?

DATE October 30, 2018 / Author

In November 2018, California residents are expected to vote on Proposition 10, a statewide Affordable Housing Act which would repeal the Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act and give cities the ability to impost rent-control policies. Proponents say Proposition 10 will fix California’s housing crisis but, opponents say it will do the exact opposite. The following […]

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Net Lease Tenant Report

Net Lease Tenant Report

DATE October 24, 2018 / Author

The Net Lease Tenant Report explores 60 popular net lease tenants and includes cap rate comparisons, key statistics, and current on market data. Read more to compare each tenant. Click here to read full report   

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