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The Growth and Future of Multifamily in Central Los Angeles

DATE April 2, 2019 / Author

Los Angles, also know as the City of Angels, is home to iconic celebrities, perfect wealth, and some of the highest rental rates in the United States. Having the fourth highest share of renters in the country, the Los Angeles Metro Area averages a rental rate of almost 54 percent. That seems high, but in […]

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Rent-To-Sales Ratio: How can operating sales affect the value of your real estate?

DATE April 1, 2019 / Author

Like most things in life, commercial real estate may seem complicated, but the best way to understand something complicated is to break it down. Each investment has its own set of unique characteristics, and if understood and read appropriately, they begin to outline a picture. So, to better determine the value of an investment, investors […]

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Top Healthcare Legislation Affecting the Sector | Infographic

DATE March 28, 2019 / Author

As healthcare providers continue to grow their outpatient footprint, landlords need to stay up to date with the latest rules/regulations affecting their tenants and leases they sign. Click below to see the infographic on what mandates to pay attention to in the medical sector and what they mean for the industry. Infographic- Under the Knife: […]

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Is E-Commerce Shaping the Future of Logistics?

DATE March 25, 2019 / Author

Through recent years, the industrial sector has gone through some significant changes, primarily due to the rise in e-commerce. For example, companies like Amazon are expecting their goods to be shipped to their customers in two-days or less. As a result, logistics management has become increasingly more important and is being run differently compared to […]

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Growth and Future of Multifamily in Central Los Angeles | Infographic

DATE March 21, 2019 / Author

Currently, multifamily real estate in Los Angeles is a safe investment. Back in 2009, it was a different story – $170 million in inventory was traded compared to $900 million in 2007. Many families that had left Central Los Angeles during that time but came back after the Federal Reserve dropped interest rates, this time […]

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