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Is Your Convenience Store Still Convenient Infographic

Is Your Convenience Store Still Convenient? – Infographic

DATE January 3, 2019 / Author

As the retail landscape changes, convenience stores must innovate to remain competitive. The following infographic highlights the following: 5 key fundamentals of c-store real estate Top 3 pressing threats to c-stores and how investors should respond The steps owners should take to evaluate their property today Click here to see solutions on how to withstand […]

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Industrial Report Infographic | Matthews™

An Analysis of the Rising Industrial Asset Class: Infographic

DATE December 17, 2018 / Author

According to numerous U.S. market reports, the industrial market has accelerated tremendously over the past couple of years. E-commerce, one of the main drivers of the industrial market, is growing exponentially which has caused the industrial sector to expand in order to keep up. The following infographic will provide more information as to why the […]

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The Impact of Rising Interest Rates

The Impact of Rising Interest Rates on Multifamily in Los Angeles

DATE December 11, 2018 / Author

As interest rates begin to normalize, multifamily investors should consider the effect a higher interest rate environment may have on their portfolio. More importantly, investors can take proactive steps to better position themselves for this coming change. The following article highlights the effects on multifamily and how investors can re-structure their investments to withstand the […]

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Net Lease Tenant Report

Net Lease Tenant Report

DATE December 8, 2018 / Author

The Net Lease Tenant Report explores 60 popular net lease tenants and includes cap rate comparisons, key statistics, and current on market data. Read more to compare each tenant. Click here to read full report   

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2018 Restaurant Outlook | Matthews™

2018 Restaurant Outlook- Infographic

DATE November 8, 2018 / Author

The U.S. restaurant industry has shifted dramatically in 2018 as consumer preferences and spending change. Restaurant operators are optimistic that business conditions will continue to improve in 2018, and into 2019. Here’s a quick look at today’s six trending restaurant cities and some of the factors that have contributed to their success. Atlanta, GA Georgia’s […]

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