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Now Trending: Sale Leasebacks

DATE July 10, 2019 / Author

The Alternative Financing Strategy on the Rise Although introduced decades ago, Sale Leasebacks are suddenly experiencing a surge in transaction volume as owners and agents grow increasingly aware of the benefits offered. This spark in volume can be attributed to various factors including the recent Tax Reform of 2017, participation by notable restaurant franchisees, and […]

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Navigating the Limited Industrial Space

DATE July 9, 2019 / Author

Industrial supply is only getting tighter in today’s market. For tenants, this means higher rents and even more challenges securing space in 2019, meaning developers must construct outside major metros where space is available. Matthews™ dives into the industrial market, analyzing the current limited supply, developer and investor trends, and how tenants are navigating the […]

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A Region to Watch: An In-Depth Look into the Midwest Shopping Center Market

DATE July 1, 2019 / Author

As economic expansion continues, core or primary markets are tightening, and secondary and tertiary markets are starting to gain traction. The following report highlights a top investment region – the midwest and the current shopping center market. Capital has historically been drawn to the larger Midwestern cities such as Chicago and Minneapolis which have more […]

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Rent-To-Sales Ratio: How can operating sales affect the value of your real estate? | Infographic

DATE June 28, 2019 / Author

The rent-to-sales ratio is expressed as a rating, which can affect property value. It is a common indicator used by investors to measure the performance and outlook of a potential acquisition by dividing the business’ total annual rent by their gross annual sales. A vacant property is an investor’s worst nightmare, and the rent-to-sales ratio […]

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Net Lease Tenant Report

DATE June 25, 2019 / Author

Improved technology and access to better information have helped investors become savvier when purchasing net lease properties. They recognize the need for rent increases in their leases, understand the importance of a healthy rent-to-sales ratio, have begun to look at rents compared to the market, and become aware of the ability to re-tenant the property […]

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