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Retail Banks – An Inside Look at the Current and Future State

DATE March 16, 2017 / Author

Historically, retail banks have been characterized as some of the safest single tenant investments due to their impeccable credit rating, name brand recognition, and premier retail locations. However, with the rise of technological advances, e-commerce, and desirability of online consumer preferences, the traditional brick and mortar retail model is threatened to become obsolete. Currently some […]

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4 Things to Know about NNN or Triple Net

DATE May 9, 2016 / Author

The term triple net (NNN) simply means net of taxes, net of maintenance, and net of insurance. A triple net investment is a freestanding retail building that is leased by a tenant responsible for paying rent, taxes, insurance premiums, repairs, and utilities. The tenant is also committed to a long-term lease, typically from 10 to […]

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Kyle B. Matthews, CCIM

10 Things to Understand About Cap Rates

DATE October 22, 2015 / Author

The capitalization rate (Cap rate) is the rate of return on the expected net income the property will generate based on the purchase price. In order to simplify decision-making for investors, I’ll break it down to a tried-and-true methodology in its simplest terms. The cap rate is the market’s assumption of presumed risk of that investment […]

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Kyle B. Matthews, CCIM

Is the Better Burger Turning McDonald’s into a Small Fry?

DATE August 5, 2015 / Author

As you’ve likely seen in the recent press McDonald’s is downsizing for the first time in decades. According to the Associated Press, the market leading Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) has announced plans to close 700 under-performing locations around the world within the 2015 calendar year. So why is this different from the mass restaurant closings […]

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Kyle B. Matthews, CCIM

3 Questions: Omni-channel Retail with Kyle B. Matthews, CCIM

DATE July 19, 2015 / Author

There’s a trend that is changing the retail customer’s shopping experience and, in turn, the way successful retailers conduct business to meet modern-day customer conveniences, needs, and wants. E-commerce has not replaced the brick and mortar retail industry, however, this trend indicates that it is changing the shopping and selling experience. We interviewed Kyle B. […]

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