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In this episode of the Matthews™ Podcast, specialized agents dissect the investment shifts occurring in the multifamily space with Matthews™ Market Leader, Matthew Wallace. We are joined by CRE experts Daniel Withers Senior Vice President and Senior Director of Multifamily, J. A. Charles Wright Vice President of Multifamily, and Senior Associates Austin Graham and Connor Kerns.



Podcast Breakdown

1:20 – How did the multifamily market perform in 2021?

3:23 – What have been the specific challenges in Southern California seen over the last year?

4:12 – What does investment sentiment look like? Is there any lasting fallout from the economic shutdowns experienced in 2020?

5:23 – Have you seen an increased level of diligence that wasn’t there prior?

7:09 – What markets have shown the strongest performance?

10:54 – Can you touch on the affordable housing issues we’re seeing in these markets? And some of the reasons behind this?

13:33 – Headlines are saying that corporations and people are fleeing California and New York, these higher costs states for more affordable lifestyles and more business friendly environment. What effect has this had on the multifamily market, if any?

16:52 – What’s in store for multifamily in 2022?

19:12 – Who are the buyers in the southeast?

For more information on multifamily investment and leasing, please reach out to a Matthews™ specialized agent.

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