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The Matthews™ Podcast |  Episode #7

Multifamily Dive: Market Shifts, Finding Opportunity in Uncertainty, and Multifamily Outlook

In this episode of the Matthews™ podcast, your host Matthew Wallace is joined by Taylor Avakian, a premier client advisor in the Multifamily sector, and Greg Kavoklis, a capital markets expert. They explore the current multifamily market by analyzing the factors that make a multifamily deal pan out and answer your pressing questions about what rising rates mean for investors.



Podcast Breakdown


1:30 — Where we are in the multifamily market now and how it compares to last year and pre-covid.

2:52  — When did you see that shift from people being on the sidelines to then investing in the market?

5:14  —What is an investor looking for when buying at a 2% cap rate? Are they coming in all cash, underwriting rent growth, or just looking to park money?

6:59  —Let’s go into the interest rate and debt side. How has the economy slowed down the market on the investment sales side?

10:11 — With the uncertainty in the market, did you see any deals fall out? Were there a lot of re-trades going on? What did you see on the investment sales sale?

14:56  —How did you see the spreads that banks were willing to accept change during that time? When you talk about those aggressive banks, where are they compressing their spreads?

17:42  — The Fed has indicated future raises; how much will future federal funds rate increases impact the ten-year?

20:39  — The big question that everyone has been debating is whether or not we are in a recession. What is your take on this?

26:10  — Long-term, do you think this inflationary environment will last? Is the Fed going to be effective in curbing inflation just by increasing rates?

28:35  — Parting takeaways for investors or those in the market to buy/sell multifamily


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