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Our clients expect more because we deliver more. We offer more tangible value than any other brokerage company and as a result our clients create and preserve more wealth because of our real-time execution, competitive and collaborative culture, and drive to exceed expectations.

What should you expect from your broker?

We redefine what you should expect from a commercial real estate brokerage company by delivering real-time execution on each aspect of a deal.  We provide the most knowledgeable Advisor for your investment, a comprehensive marketing program that is powered by the technology and techniques of Silicon Valley, and a collaborative culture wherein your Advisor leads a team of experts to deliver the most value and highest level of execution on each phase of your transaction.

1031 Private Client Advantage™

Our exclusive 1031 Private Client Advantage™ – the only 1031 Exchange Program, enables us to identify your up leg, based on your business plan from the start of the sales process. We are the only brokerage company that is perfectly suited to effectuate an exchange in real-time because of our large national buyer pool, extensive rotating inventory and collaborative culture. You should expect a large team of specialized brokers who work together and focus on your up leg with as much attention as your sale.

Real-time Marketing and Salesmanship

We are the only brokerage company to deliver real-time marketing execution, using proprietary and advanced digital technology and techniques which enable Point of Analysis Interjection™: accessing multiple buyers at the moment they are considering a deal, communicating the advantages and overcoming objections before they are formed. You should expect real-time marketing and salesmanship that creates a competitive environment for your property.

Innovation in Buyer Relationships

The largest national buyer pool in commercial real estate and an innovative buyer relationship marketing program keeps us in touch with buyers, their business plans and when they will be entering their next exchange or making their next purchase. You should expect amplified exposure and a competitive environment as created by our long-standing relationships and real-time contact with buyers.

Retail and Tenant Knowledge

Expect the best available knowledge and advisory services specific to your investment type, region, and demographic. Investment Verticalization was first introduced by Matthews Real Estate Investment Services and is intently executed to benefits you as a client. Your Advisor specializes in your investment, studies the trends in your respective market and analyzes data to provide you with the highest level of service. We are the only brokerage company to deliver the strategy, focus, passion and intent to execute your business plan at the highest level.

Competitive and Collaborative Culture

Our culture is defined by passion and guided by leadership from competitive backgrounds. You should expect unrivaled execution and unprecedented level of teamwork. Together, we attack every transaction with a strategy built on your objectives, help you create a business plan around your commercial real estate investments and execute in real time. Above all, we close more deals and create greater success for our clients over other firms because we work harder.

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