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In the Pipeline: Navigating Multifamily Development

DATE December 12, 2019 / Author

While keeping the fundamentals of multifamily in focus, it’s essential to understand the ongoing changes in the U.S. economy and their effects on development and investing. Population growth, homeownership rates, demographic and lifestyle trends, and economic uncertainties collectively impact where properties are built and in what quantities. The following article will take a deep dive […]

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Multifamily Construction Challenges: What Constraints are Looming in the Market?

DATE December 6, 2019 / Author

Due to numerous market factors, the real estate development industry is struggling to deliver new multifamily product in an affordable price range while at the same time being profitable. Developers have long blamed the high cost of labor and construction prices as the impediment to supply, and now they point to uncertainty around tariffs and […]

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Healthcare Sale Leasebacks: Benefits to Unlocking Equity in Your Building

DATE December 5, 2019 / Author

Do you currently own the building that your practice is operating within? Do you see yourself or your practice continuing to operate for the next 10 to 20 years? Have you considered refinancing your property to pull equity out of the real estate? Are you continually looking for effective tax strategies to reduce your tax […]

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The Breaking Up Of Retail | How Dividing Parcels May Help Investors Conquer the Market

DATE December 5, 2019 / Author

Historically, if an asset was well located, had the right credit tenancy, or was a dominant shopping center, an institution of REIT would be interested in placing large sums of capital. Today, things have changed, and investors must take into consideration: Surrounding demographics and if the shopping center still caters to the needs of the […]

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2019 Multifamily Market Report: The current state of U.S. markets

DATE December 4, 2019 / Author

Overall, multifamily continues to excel amongst asset classes and is driven operationally by renter demand, which is fueled by a robust job market. New permitting and construction across the country are on a healthy path. It is important to note that the majority of the areas with weaker rents have been in the core Class […]

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Net Lease Cheat Sheets

DATE December 2, 2019 / Author

The net lease cheat sheets feature a compilation of data from 60+ major tenants in the net lease sector, providing insight into current on-market information including typical lease structures, investment values, and tenant future outlook ratings. Click to explore and compare tenants. 

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The Affordability Crisis: How Rent Control is Making Waves in Multifamily

DATE November 25, 2019 / Author

After World War II, the War Emergency Tenant Protection Act was created to protect tenants from war-related housing shortages serving as the first form of rent control. Since then, rent regulation policies have evolved with the intention to create more affordable housing options. The pros and cons of rent control have been long debated among […]

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Food Halls: How modern consumers & social media are setting the table for the dining experience 

DATE October 21, 2019 / Author

Consumers today expect an experience as soon as they step outside their place of residence, and are spending an increased amount of money on food, specifically eating out. Channel definitions are blurring, and a bevy of new options are combining the role of the restaurant, grocer, farmer, and concierge – concepts like Food Halls. Today’s […]

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The Revitalization of Retail: The digital transformation driving next generation store experiences

DATE September 3, 2019 / Author

In the past ten years, we have witnesses some of the most dramatic changes in retail. From store closures to companies going out of business and some large retailers declaring bankruptcy– retail has endured a heavyweight fight with modern-day consumers and e-commerce giants like Amazon. There has also been an excess amount of media coverage […]

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