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Do You Really Know Your Tenant?

DATE October 20, 2018 / Author

4 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself Many investors mistake net lease assets to be zero-maintenance investments. Compared to other asset types, net lease investments are at the low end of the scale in terms of building maintenance, but they still require attention. While investors’ landlord responsibilities for the actual property are minimal compared to a […]

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Is Your Convenience Store Still Convenient?

DATE October 20, 2018 / Author

As the retail landscape changes and the number of options for consumers grows, convenience stores are forced to innovate to remain competitive. As a convenience store owner, it is imperative to understand not only how to weather these changes but also how to position your property for future success. Matthews™ explores pressing threats to convenience […]

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Industrial Report – 2018

DATE August 6, 2018 / Author

The industrial market has risen above other property types as a direct result of e-commerce, global trade, changes in manufacturing, and retailers optimizing their supply chains to meet consumer demands. The following report expands on how the industrial market differs from other commercial real estate properties, what is driving the market, and what trends and […]

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2018 Restaurant Outlook Blog

2018 Restaurant Outlook

DATE July 16, 2018 / Author

Traditionally, commercial real estate investors measured restaurant performance prospects by the location’s average household income, and extrapolating traffic counts. Today’s market requires a more strategic approach. Successful restaurants are increasingly becoming a destination with a unique atmosphere, where a consumer can grab something in the most efficient way possible. An investor needs to take into […]

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medical real estate report

The Medical Real Estate Market | Dialysis Centers

DATE June 8, 2017 / Author

Medical Real Estate Asset Evaluation Report – Dialysis Centers According to a recent NREI research report, institutions and investment funds are the primary investor pool for dialysis clinics. In the past 12 months, however, the private real estate sector has made a major push in acquiring these deals. This commercial real estate sector is similar […]

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