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Fayette/Coweta County Market Report

Rents | Vacancy | Construction

More than five million square feet have been delivered in the past three years and 90 percent of that space is currently occupied.


Over the past 10 years, Fayette/Coweta County has had impressive cumulative industrial rent growth of 103.7 percent. In addition, over the past 12 months, rents posted a total gain of 12.1 percent. Industrial rents in Fayette/Coweta County run for approximately $7.80 per square foot, which is below the metro average.


Fayette/Coweta County has delivered twelve properties in the past twelve months. In total, there are 16 proposed properties set to be completed in 2024.


What’s Driving Growth in This Sector?

Trilith Studios, an American film and television production studio, proposed to add an additional 4.7 million square feet of studio, production, office, warehouse, retail, and residential space south of the existing property by 2032.



Annual sales volume in Fayette/Coweta County has averaged $167 million over the past five years. As an active market, Fayette/Coweta County is one of the most heavily traded industrial areas in the region over the past several years. In the past 12 months specifically, $62.9 million worth of assets were sold. Close to the metro’s average, the market is currently seeing the lowest cap rates in the last five years.


Small Bay Industrial

  • There is a large demand in Atlanta for small bay industrial as interest rates have begun to rise and construction has halted on big box warehouses.
  • With low-interest rates and the growing wave of e-commerce, warehouse demand soared to an all-time high. The ability to move products within a short time period to consumers is critical in today’s environment, which increases the need for small bay light industrial products.

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