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Matthews Retail Advisors Restructures, Rebrands and Redefines what Clients Should Expect from a Commercial Real Estate Broker
Launches 1031 Private Client Advantage™ – the Only 1031 Exchange Program

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – Matthews Retail Advisors™ (formerly Matthews Retail Group, Inc.), a leading national commercial real estate brokerage service that specializes in retail investment properties has operationally restructured and rebranded, delivering a bold message to clients: Redefine Your Expectations! Matthews Retail Advisors will operate as a business unit of Matthews Real Estate Investment Services™. The new structure will facilitate future expansion into additional commercial real estate services.

“Other brokerage houses get a listing, send out an email flyer and wait for the phone to ring. Sellers need to redefine their expectations based on the higher level of execution that no other team can offer,” said Kyle Matthews, Chairman & CEO of Matthews Real Estate Investment Services. “Our marketing technologies like Click-to-Sale Technology™ and sales processes like Point of Analysis Interjection™ enable us to outsell the competition by getting our brokers in front of potential buyers at the right moment to sell them on exactly why our seller’s deal is the right offering for them. The value we provide sellers is far and away greater than what other brokers do.”

The relaunch includes a redesigned logo, a fresh new website at a new location, www.matthews.com and the public introductions of the company’s proprietary 1031 Private Client Advantage™ – the only 1031 exchange program in commercial real estate, Click-to-Sale Technology™, which tracks the online behavior of investors to determine when they are most likely to purchase a property and Point of Analysis Interjection™, the sales technique wherein the agents contact multiple potential buyers, each at the moment they are considering a deal. The relaunch advertising campaign asks clients to “Redefine Your Expectations,” a message that clients should expect more from a brokerage company what they have experienced from other firms.

History and Track Record
Matthews Real Estate Investment Services was founded by Kyle Matthews, Chairman and CEO. After graduating from the University of Southern California in 2005, he formed Matthews Retail Group, Inc. Matthews Retail Group introduced Retail Verticalization™, a structure that is intently executed to benefit clients by assembling teams of brokerage advisors who are experts in a retail industry, each with a focus on either a specific tenant vertical or product specialty type. This offered clients the benefit of working with the most knowledgeable agent for their investment. The agent studies the business plan of the corporate tenant, as well as their growth and financial health. They analyze market data and industry trends, in addition to store sales and demographics of the specific location. In this way, the agent is able to provide the very best fact-based advisory services.

The company has continued to drive innovation within commercial real estate by leveraging technology and best practices from the high-tech sector. They developed integrated systems software for marketing, sales, process management and data analytics in commercial real estate. They created Click-to-Sale Technology™, which tracks the online behavior of investors to determine when they are most likely to purchase a property and when they are considering a particular investment. The system tells the agent the best time to call the buyer. This enables Point of Analysis Interjection™, a sales technique wherein the agent contacts multiple potential buyers, each at the very moment they are considering a deal, to upsell the positives and overcome objections before they are formed.

Driven by a vision to continue serving clients with innovation and a unique collaborative culture, they continued to innovate with enhancements to technologies as well as training and mentoring programs, and improvements to processes and work-flows. They developed the 1031 Private Client Advantage™. Through the step-by-step program the agent defines an investor’s objectives, creates a business plan and identifies their up leg to manage the next investment.

Matthews Retail Advisors has 65 members comprised of executives, Partners, brokers, researchers, financial analysts, marketing professionals, transaction managers and administrators. Matthews Retail Advisors has closed over 200 transactions in the first half of 2015, leading the market. More than double year-over-year growth in revenue and over 250% growth in size makes it the largest and fastest growing retail-specialized investment brokerage firm in the country.

Matthews Retail Advisors Firsts:

  • Retail Verticalization™
  • Click-to-Sale Technology™
  • Point of Analysis Interjection™
  • 1031 Private Client Advantage – the Only 1031 Exchange Program™

The simple vision of Kyle Matthews is to provide the best execution in the industry to create and preserve wealth for their clients. This has been accomplished through innovation at Matthews Retail Advisors in an industry which, aside from email and website listings has seen little evolution in the past 30 years. To help drive that vision, Matthews recruited leadership from industries that are known for innovation and fast growth.

Radoslav Zlatkov, Chief Financial and Operating Officer, was acquired from the consumer products industry, where he successfully helped grow coffee-maker giant, Keurig®, from $500 million to over $4.5 billion in annual revenue, and helped manage budgets of more than $1.5 billion for vacuum cleaner and kitchen appliance leader, SharkNinja®.

Eric Boyd, Chief Marketing Officer, was recruited from the high-tech sector, where he helped launch the Pentium™ line of processors for tech giant, Intel®, and drove marketing programs which helped lead GPS innovator, Magellan GPS®, and enterprise data storage leader, Nexsan®, each through successful acquisition.

Patrick Toomey, Managing Partner, brings over 25 years’ experience in corporate brokerage. He has achieved an impressive track record, including closing over 400 transactions for a value exceeding $2 billion at an overall close rate of 97%. Toomey provides experience and expertise to help guide the business and successfully drive the transaction management group for Matthews Retail Advisors.

Chad Kurz, Managing Partner, has built a notable career as the #1 broker in investment retail auto parts, closing over 50% of all Advanced Auto Parts® transactions nationally in 2014. Kurz serves in the role of general sales manager for Matthews Retail Advisors with the entire agent-force either directly or indirectly reporting to him. Along with Kyle Matthews, Chad Kurz also oversees the recruiting, training and mentoring programs for new agents.

Jordan Uttal, Partner, was also recruited from the high-tech sector, where he helped grow marketing automation software leader, Marketo®, to a $1 billion IPO (Initial Public Offering). Uttal serves in the role of sales and marketing strategist and drives development of the technology platform, continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible in the sales and marketing process. He is also responsible for the creation of thought-leadership programs for Matthews Retail Advisors. In addition Jordan heads the Drug Store Practice Group, which has already closed 17 Drug Stores in 2015.

Aron Cline, Partner, serves in the role of business development, driving tenant/developer relationships along with Kyle Matthews and generating new business opportunities for the firm. Cline also helps with mentoring agents while heading up the Net Leased Convenience Store & Grocery Store Practice Group. He currently controls the largest market share nationally for 7-Eleven closings and under contract.

Calvin Short, Partner, drives new business development and strategic partnerships, as well as training, recruitment and mentoring in conjunction with Chad Kurz. Short also leads the company’s Casual Dining Practice Group and has personally closed 27 transactions during the first half of the year.

Rounding out the leadership team is Gary Chou, Senior Associate, who heads the Quick Service Restaurant Practice Group and is currently representing a 59-property portfolio for a publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trust; Josh Bishop, Senior Associate, dominates the market in dollar store transactions, leading the Dollar Store Practice Group, which has closed 27 this year and currently has 16 in escrow.

Redefine Your Expectations
“Clients have lowered their expectations of what’s achievable by a broker because of a consistent lack-luster experience with other firms across the industry. We close more deals and our clients create and preserve more wealth as a result of our innovation, technology, competitive and collaborative culture, and drive to exceed expectations. When it comes to choosing a broker and a brokerage firm, we are asking clients to Redefine Your Expectations,” said Kyle Matthews.

What should a client expect from their broker?

  • Largest Retail Brokerage in the country who collaborate and share a common national database
  • Largest National Retail Buyer Pool for amplified exposure of your property
  • Strongest Track Record in the industry, having closed over 1,500 transactions and $8.3 billion in deals
    Buyer Relationship Marketing Program that keeps us in continuous communication with buyers to ensure they see your deal
  • 1031 Private Client Advantage™ that offers real-time execution on your exchange in a step-by-step process to analyze your goals, create a business plan, identify your up leg and manage your next transaction
  • Real-time Marketing Execution to create a competitive environment for your property using technologies and techniques from Silicon Valley
  • Click-to-Sale Technology™ that helps generate the right offers through an automated tracking and analysis of the digital behavior of buyers and determines the moment they are considering an investment
  • Point of Analysis Interjection™ which enables your agent to contact multiple buyers, each at the moment they are considering a deal, and upsell the positives while overcoming objections before they are formed
  • Retail Verticalization™, providing the most knowledgeable agent in your tenant vertical who studies the industry trends, business plan of the tenant and store sales and demographics of your location to offer the best advisory services available
  • Competitive and Collaborative Culture defined by passion and guided by leadership from competitive backgrounds for unrivalled execution and an unprecedented level of teamwork. Your deal is managed by a broker who leads a team of experts in each phase of a transaction, from brokerage to research, financial analysis, marketing and transaction management

Looking Forward
Matthews Real Estate Investment Services will expand into multi-family transactional and advisory services later this year. The company will open a second Matthews Retail Advisors office in Orange County, California during the first half of 2016, and has plans for additional locations across the country with initial sights set on New York, San Francisco and Dallas.
About Matthews Retail Advisors
Matthews Retail Advisors specializes in retail brokerage services and 1031 Exchange for investment properties including shopping centers, NNN and portfolio disposition. Defined by a culture of passion and innovation, clients experience unrivalled execution and an unprecedented level of teamwork. The company provides real-time execution of 1031 Exchange through the 1031 Private Client Advantage™ – the Only 1031 Exchange Program in retail commercial brokerage. Matthews Retail Advisors is a business unit of Matthews Real Estate Investment Services, headed by Kyle Matthews, Chairman and CEO. The company is located in El Segundo, CA and serves clients throughout the United States and Canada. Learn more at www.matthews.com

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