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Property Profile

160 S Power Rd, Mesa, AZ 98206
Cap Rate
Leasable Area
3,146 sq. ft.
Year Built


This property is located in Mesa, AZ, the largest suburban city by population in the United States. Dental properties are highly sought-after investments for their insulation from e-commerce competition and resistance to economic downturns. Further, dentistry is one of the largest healthcare industries and has grown by an average of 2.4% annually. By combining these factors, this property is a prime investment opportunity.


The seller was a private client looking to capitalize on the value of current real estate conditions after recently purchasing the property in February 2020 for $850,000 and aimed for a closing date at the beginning of March 2021. Their goal was to complete a sale leaseback transaction with their business and real estate.



Within the first two weeks of marketing the property, the Matthews™ deal team sourced multiple offers and quickly moved to open escrow with a qualified buyer. However, the appraisal came in below the asking price, and the buyer backed out of the deal. The Matthews™ representatives worked closely with the seller, and through Matthews™ proprietary marketing, sourced another round of offers. The second buyer was an exchange buyer who was able to close all-cash on March 3rd, following the seller’s closing contingencies.



This absolute NNN lease provided the buyer with a very passive investment vehicle. The lease featured 10% rental increases every five years, providing the buyer with a strong hedge against inflation. Dental Innovations would also be executing a 10-year NNN lease upon closing through a sale leaseback, showing the seller’s  commitment to the location. By utilizing Matthews™, the seller profited $950,000 from the sale in just one year.

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