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Multifamily Operations

DATE August 15, 2019 / Author

The key benefits and attractions of investing in multifamily properties are that they can be transformed and repositioned to increase cash flow, and thus create enormous value. However, to maximize this cash flow, a multifamily owner must have strategic operations in place. The following article provides some guidelines to effectively and creatively increase the desirability […]

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The New Wave Of Urbanization

DATE August 8, 2019 / Author

Where there are people, there are opportunities. In this article, Matthews™ examines the top ten growing cities in the United States and how their economy is performing. These cities serve as living examples of how the U.S. economy reacts to population growth. For example, Los Angeles is well aware of the environmental impact its large population has. In […]

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Reinventing the Past: An In-Depth Look Into Adaptive Reuse | Infographic

DATE July 12, 2019 / Author

Adaptive reuse projects entail a dated or abandoned area transforming into modern multi-use property, more commonly multifamily assets. These projects have grown increasingly popular due to the demand for unique lifestyle apartments and saving on construction costs. Click on the infographic below to read more about the benefits and examples of adaptive reuse projects. Reinventing […]

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Texas Multifamily Growth: Dallas-Fort Worth & Austin

DATE March 15, 2019 / Author

According to the recent U.S. Capital Trends Report from Real Capital Analytics, deal volume for the apartment sector rose in August and is on track to hit a record high annual volume of $159.1 billion seen back in 2016. Records are a consistent trend in the booming multifamily industry, especially with fewer single family homes […]

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