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Gen Z & Millennials: Catering to a new generation of renters

DATE December 17, 2019 / Author

Gen Z, the new generation of renters, are young, innovative, and hard to define. They have grown up using social media as their main communication platform, and we are still waiting to see how they will impact the multifamily market. Millennials, the generation before Gen Z, are also redefining the multifamily housing market. They are […]

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Multifamily Rent Growth: Where are rents rising the most in the U.S?

DATE December 16, 2019 / Author

Since December 2018, rent appreciation has steadily increased, indicating this growth will not slow down any time soon. Key fundamentals such as higher national wages, job growth, and unemployment rates at a 50-year low have all contributed to the increasing popularity of renting, thus feeding into rental rate growth. Although majority of multifamily developments as […]

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In the Pipeline: Navigating Multifamily Development

DATE December 12, 2019 / Author

While keeping the fundamentals of multifamily in focus, it’s essential to understand the ongoing changes in the U.S. economy and their effects on development and investing. Population growth, homeownership rates, demographic and lifestyle trends, and economic uncertainties collectively impact where properties are built and in what quantities. The following article will take a deep dive […]

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Multifamily Construction Challenges: What Constraints are Looming in the Market?

DATE December 6, 2019 / Author

Due to numerous market factors, the real estate development industry is struggling to deliver new multifamily product in an affordable price range while at the same time being profitable. Developers have long blamed the high cost of labor and construction prices as the impediment to supply, and now they point to uncertainty around tariffs and […]

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The Affordability Crisis: How Rent Control is Making Waves in Multifamily

DATE November 25, 2019 / Author

After World War II, the War Emergency Tenant Protection Act was created to protect tenants from war-related housing shortages serving as the first form of rent control. Since then, rent regulation policies have evolved with the intention to create more affordable housing options. The pros and cons of rent control have been long debated among […]

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Multifamily Operations

DATE August 15, 2019 / Author

The key benefits and attractions of investing in multifamily properties are that they can be transformed and repositioned to increase cash flow, and thus create enormous value. However, to maximize this cash flow, a multifamily owner must have strategic operations in place. The following article provides some guidelines to effectively and creatively increase the desirability […]

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The New Wave Of Urbanization

DATE August 8, 2019 / Author

Where there are people, there are opportunities. In this article, Matthews™ examines the top ten growing cities in the United States and how their economy is performing. These cities serve as living examples of how the U.S. economy reacts to population growth. For example, Los Angeles is well aware of the environmental impact its large population has. In […]

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Live. Work. Play. | How consumer preferences are shaking up retail

DATE August 6, 2019 / Author

We are seeing yesterday’s shopping centers morphing into experience-based, consumer engaged spaces. These shopping center spaces are transforming into mixed-use commercial offerings that are designed to meet the needs of new generational shoppers. These consumers want to shop in environments that focus on live, work, play, and convenience. This has caused developers to think about: […]

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Reinventing the Past: An In-Depth Look Into Adaptive Reuse | Infographic

DATE July 12, 2019 / Author

Adaptive reuse projects entail a dated or abandoned area transforming into modern multi-use property, more commonly multifamily assets. These projects have grown increasingly popular due to the demand for unique lifestyle apartments and saving on construction costs. Click on the infographic below to read more about the benefits and examples of adaptive reuse projects. Reinventing […]

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