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The Revitalization of Retail: The digital transformation driving next generation store experiences

DATE September 3, 2019 / Author

In the past ten years, we have witnesses some of the most dramatic changes in retail. From store closures to companies going out of business and some large retailers declaring bankruptcy– retail has endured a heavyweight fight with modern-day consumers and e-commerce giants like Amazon. There has also been an excess amount of media coverage […]

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market analysis report for retail banks

Retail Banks – An Inside Look at the Current and Future State

DATE March 16, 2017 / Author

Historically, retail banks have been characterized as some of the safest single tenant investments due to their impeccable credit rating, name brand recognition, and premier retail locations. However, with the rise of technological advances, e-commerce, and desirability of online consumer preferences, the traditional brick and mortar retail model is threatened to become obsolete. Currently some […]

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Auto Parts Stores Lead Retail Market Sector Report

DATE October 17, 2016 / Author

Currently, cap rates are stabilizing for the major auto parts stores. During the last 12 months, we have not seen cap rates drop for auto parts retailers, with the exception of stores located in strong markets. Research seems to suggest that it’s worth paying a premium for a well-located store, as the arbitrage isn’t nearly […]

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Drug Stores Remain Highly Competitive - Matthews

Drug Stores Remain Highly Competitive

DATE October 11, 2016 / Author

The immediate outlook for the net lease drug store sector remains stable. Because of the strong corporate backing and long term net leases, drug stores will continue to trade at aggressive cap rates. CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid are all strategically positioning themselves to new healthcare demands by acquiring key competitors. Walgreens $17 billion proposed acquisition […]

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Dollar Stores Lead Retail Sector Report

Dollar Stores Lead Retail Sector

DATE October 4, 2016 / Author

Dollar Stores are one of the most appealing sectors in commercial real estate with locations closer to residential neighborhoods, respectable sale records, aggressive expansion strategies and more. Leading the pack, Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Dollar Tree have been the largest players in the dollar store section. According to CoStar, all three bargain stores are among […]

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