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The Revitalization of Retail: The digital transformation driving next generation store experiences

DATE September 3, 2019 / Author

In the past ten years, we have witnesses some of the most dramatic changes in retail. From store closures to companies going out of business and some large retailers declaring bankruptcy– retail has endured a heavyweight fight with modern-day consumers and e-commerce giants like Amazon. There has also been an excess amount of media coverage […]

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Net Lease Tenant Report

DATE June 25, 2019 / Author

Improved technology and access to better information have helped investors become savvier when purchasing net lease properties. They recognize the need for rent increases in their leases, understand the importance of a healthy rent-to-sales ratio, have begun to look at rents compared to the market, and become aware of the ability to re-tenant the property […]

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Rent-To-Sales Ratio: How can operating sales affect the value of your real estate?

DATE April 1, 2019 / Author

Like most things in life, commercial real estate may seem complicated, but the best way to understand something complicated is to break it down. Each investment has its own set of unique characteristics, and if understood and read appropriately, they begin to outline a picture. So, to better determine the value of an investment, investors […]

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Unlocking Equity: 5 Benefits of a Sale Leaseback for Buyers and Sellers | Infographic

DATE February 11, 2019 / Author

Unlocking equity is easier to achieve as an owner-operator who is looking to reinvest in a company’s core operations. With a sale leaseback, you can set your own terms! To better determine if a sale leaseback is good for you business, view our infographic below that details all the benefits for both the buyer and […]

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Unlocking Equity: 5 Benefits of a Sale-leaseback for Buyers and Sellers

DATE January 29, 2019 / Author

Are you an owner-operator looking for an alternative to traditional financing? Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, a sale leaseback has advantages you should know about. WHAT IS A SALE-LEASEBACK? A sale leaseback is a real estate transaction which allows an owner-operator to sell their real estate to a buyer then lease the property […]

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Do You Really Know Your Tenant? | Infographic

DATE January 28, 2019 / Author

The first step in monitoring a net lease investment is getting to know the property inside and out, and that means understanding who the tenant is and how they operate. View the infographic below on the 4 essential questions to ask yourself in order to minimize the risks involved with net lease investments, and to better […]

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Is Your Convenience Store Still Convenient? | Infographic

DATE January 3, 2019 / Author

As the retail landscape changes, convenience stores must innovate to remain competitive. The following infographic highlights the following: 5 key fundamentals of c-store real estate Top 3 pressing threats to c-stores and how investors should respond The steps owners should take to evaluate their property today Click here to see solutions on how to withstand […]

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Net Lease Tenant Report

Net Lease Tenant Report

DATE December 8, 2018 / Author

The Net Lease Tenant Report explores 60 popular net lease tenants and includes cap rate comparisons, key statistics, and current on market data. Read more to compare each tenant. Click here to read full report   

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2018 Restaurant Outlook: Infographic

DATE November 8, 2018 / Author

The U.S. restaurant industry has shifted dramatically in 2018 as consumer preferences and spending change. Restaurant operators are optimistic that business conditions will continue to improve in 2018, and into 2019. Here’s a quick look at today’s six trending restaurant cities and some of the factors that have contributed to their success. Atlanta, GA Georgia’s […]

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