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Where there are people, there are opportunities. In this article, Matthews™ examines the top ten growing cities in the United States and how their economy is performing. These cities serve as living examples of how the U.S. economy reacts to population growth. For example, Los Angeles is well aware of the environmental impact its large population has. In response, the local government plans to develop additional transit and improve infrastructure throughout major cities. Nearly 20 percent of green energy corporations are headquartered in LA, with plans to eventually obtain half of electricity through renewable resources.
Top 10 Growing Cities

  1. San Antonio, TX
  2. Phoenix, AZ
  3. Dallas, TX
  4. Fort Worth, TX
  5. Los Angeles, CA
  6. Seattle, WA
  7. Charlotte, NC
  8. Columbus, OH
  9. Frisco, TX
  10. Atlanta, GA

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