multifamily outlook report

Multifamily Outlook Report – Los Angeles

DATE May 10, 2017 / Author

With an area spanning 169 square miles and holding more than 5,500 multifamily properties, the San Fernando Valley contains some of Los Angeles’ most diverse real estate markets. This multifamily outlook report dives into three different markets – Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, and Panorama City, exposing the changes in pricing between Quarter 1 2016, Q3 […]

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market analysis retail banks

The Future of Banking: An Inside Look at the Current State of Retail Banks

DATE March 16, 2017 / Author

Historically, banks have been characterized as some of the safest single tenant investments due to their impeccable credit rating, name brand recognition, and premier retail locations. However, with the rise of technological advances, e-commerce, and desirability of online consumer preferences, the traditional brick and mortar retail model is threatened to become obsolete. Currently some of […]

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Matthews Year In Review

DATE January 26, 2017 / Author

Matthews Real Estate Investment Services experienced a tremendous amount of growth in 2016. The Shopping Center team led the retail division with $447,156,988 in closings, following close behind the Drug Store division with $144,179,748 and the Discount Store division with $116,149,186. Over 26 million property emails were sent and over 255,000 Offering Memorandums were downloaded on […]

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Multifamily Real Estate Market Outlook

DATE December 5, 2016 / Author

This comprehensive multifamily market report covers several major thriving real estate markets within the Western and Southwestern regions of the United States. We analyzed data across several real estate markets in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Colorado. Read the full market report for data regarding cap rates, average price per unit, sales by […]

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Nationwide Shopping Centers Market Outlook

DATE November 30, 2016 / Author

The Shopping Center market is undergoing a drastic change from the big box and regional mall platform. As the post-recession economy continues to strengthen, increasing job growth and consumption, so does the demand for shopping center commercial real estate investments. Historically low cap rates have motivated owners and developers to improve their positions, giving them […]

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