San Fernando Valley Blog

San Fernando Valley Multifamily Report

DATE October 19, 2017 / Author

Encompassing more than 260 square miles and home to 1.8 million people, the San Fernando Valley is an extensive multifamily market in Los Angeles County. After the recession, the market experienced heavy growth, but what inning of the cycle are we in today? Matthews™ analyzes the Valley’s past to see where the market stands today […]

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Future Development Forecast – Los Angeles & Dallas

DATE October 17, 2017 / Author

Although 2017 has been an incredible year in terms of new apartment deliveries to the market, there are some signs of a slowdown. Apartment operating fundamentals are still strong, but permits being issued today are in decline for many metros across the country. How has the market performed so far this year and what does […]

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Multifamily Market Report – California & Texas

DATE October 13, 2017 / Author

Explore several major multifamily markets in California and Texas. Matthews™ compiled data from quarter one and two of 2017 to analyze where the multifamily market stands. Read more to stay up to date in your markets. Click here to read the report.

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STNL E-Commerce

How Is E-Commerce Affecting Your Product Type?

DATE October 6, 2017 / Author

In 2017, we have seen continued growth in e-commerce and technology, thanks in large to the online behemoth—Amazon. What is the potential for e-commerce to affect your single-tenant net-leased product type? Hear from industry experts at Matthews™ on how resilient your product type is against the ever-growing threat of e-commerce. Click here to read the […]

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Amazon & Whole Foods - Another Prime Purchase

Another Prime Purchase – Amazon & Whole Foods

DATE October 5, 2017 / Author

Traditionally, grocers have been one of the most insulated categories of retailers when it comes to the exponentially growing threat of e-commerce. However, Amazon’s recent purchase of Whole Foods stands to challenge that notion. Read more about how the recent acquisition may affect grocers and grocery anchored centers. Click here to read the report. 

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