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Read research reports, articles, and analytics that explore the current state of the commercial real estate industry and the outlook for the future. This section includes topics on Single-Tenant Net-Lease, Multifamily, Shopping Centers, Leasing, Asset Management, and Property Management.

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Industry Insights

Current trends, topics and changes in the industry are analyzed by Matthews Real Estate Investment Services agents to help supply clients with insight into how their investments may be affected.

Walgreens Acquires Rite Aid: 3 Potential Outcomes

Walgreens has announced plans to purchase Rite Aid in a $17.2 billion deal that would make it the largest pharmacy chain in the United States with more than 13,000 stores compared to current market leader, CVS’, 10,000 stores (including the purchase of Target pharmacies). There had been speculation about Walgreens’ interest in purchasing Rite Aid throughout the past 12 months. This was largely due to the merger with Boots Alliance and the replacement of former CEO, Greg Wasson, with Stefano Pessina, who has an acquisition approach to site expansion.

Bridgestone Acquires Pep Boys: What does it mean to you?

On Tuesday, October 27th Bridgestone announced its decision to acquire Pep Boys at $15 per share or $835 million. This decision did not come as a surprise to most considering Pep Boys revenue has been roughly flat over the past four years. The acquisition attempt has already received approval by the Pep Boys board of directors and is expected to close early next year pending approval from regulators and Pep Boys shareholders. How will this affect the tenants involved?

E-commerce Moves Toward Brick and Mortar

As e-commerce continues to press on, more and more clients with retail properties question their tenants, and their long-term validity. As they should. e-commerce has taken out many retailers of recent (Borders, Circuit City, etc.) and edged into several other retail segments, hurting the brick and mortar sales. Despite these disruptions, retail remains strong. However, it is clear that we are experiencing another step in the evolutionary cycle of retail. So, where is retail headed?

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Webinars on demand by Matthews Real Estate Investment Services.

Brick & Mortar vs. E-Commerce

Hear Jordan Uttal, Vice President, explain why he believes brick & mortar is here to stay, how omni-channel retailing has helped to drive in-store sales, why some tenants have failed to adapt, and what tenant types he predicts will fill retail space in the future.

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