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How Women Are Evolving CRE

1. More Conversational Approaches

Building relationships is an integral part of the commercial real estate business. You often hear, “It’s who you know,” and that rings true for this industry. Oftentimes, women have a more conversational approach, helping build a rapport with a client off the bat. Additionally, some investors or appraisers can find female brokers less intimidating, which can be advantageous during appraisal research, allowing them to extract more information.

2. Ability to Nurture Relationships with Clients

In commercial real estate, the business doesn’t always stop after the sale or acquisition. Clients may return to brokers for additional services or advice, either for another transaction, 1031 Exchange, a sale leaseback, or more. Females naturally nurture friendships and relationships, and in a professional environment, this is applied by keeping in contact with previous clients, helping their reputation and business in the future.

3. Emotional Intelligence

Another impactful trait that women bring to the industry is their emotional intelligence. Although female brokers could struggle with rejection, especially after hearing “no” 100 times a day on calls, their emotional intelligence can help with reading clients’ motives and end-goals. Further, women can empathize with clients by being more in tune with themselves and those around them.

4. A Different Perspective

A presentation put together by a female broker could be different than what their male peers would create. While every broker has to be detail-oriented and organized to succeed in commercial real estate, women can bring a unique personability and perspective. This helps female brokers set themselves apart from their male counterparts.


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