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The Matthews™ Podcast |  Episode #9

Deconstructing the Expanding Single-Family Rental Market

Why are institutional investors chasing this asset class?

In this episode of the Matthews™ podcast, your host Matthew Wallace is joined by Austin Tomaiko, a premier client advisor specializing in single-family portfolio sales and apartments in the southeast. In this episode, they dive into single-family rentals, discussing the nuances of the product type and the history behind why it has become an asset class targeted by institutional investors.



Podcast Breakdown

1:05  — How did you get into the single-family rental game, and how do they compare to multifamily?

2:42  — What are some objections when bringing a single-family rental property to market?

4:20  — Do you see developers creating communities specifically for a single-family to rent? What was the game plan for marketing a large SFR portfolio?

6:29  — How are these deals structured compared to multifamily? How are investors underwriting these SFR portfolios?

9:17  — What are some of the unique challenges to an SFR transaction?

11:10  — What makes an SFR investment attractive?

13:00  — What is it about SFR that is attracting institutional investors?

14:44  — What does the SFR market look like in the next year, three years, or five years? Is this product type here to stay?

16:16  — What markets are performing well?

17:45  — Is supply keeping up with demand? And how has the increasing cost of money affected those development pipelines?

19:14  — What is your advice for investors starting to dip their toes into SFR portfolios?

20:34  — Parting thoughts

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