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Matthews’ Intern Shares Insight from Summer Program


Whether you see them marching along near Grand Central Terminal in their spiffy new blazers or have rolled your eyes at more than a few at your own office, we actually could all benefit from soaking up career inspiration from summer interns.


Next time you’re in a tight spot at work, you may find these Gen Zers’ wisdom serves you well.


Gianni Esposito


At national commercial real estate brokerage Matthews Real Estate Investment Services, Esposito, a 21-year-old Hamilton College rising senior, attends three to five hours of daily educational lessons.


“These classes are led by the industry’s top high-octane, specialized professionals in investment sales, leasing, and capital markets,” he said.


The art of listening has proven to be the unsung superpower of corporate life for the young businessman.


“This may sound simple, but it is a skill that I believe many lack and do not realize it. I have learned that listening is not only hearing what someone is saying but using what you hear to form questions that can be used to extract the information you are looking for from the speaker,” said Esposito. “This skill will benefit my career as it has taught me to focus fully on someone else speaking, and try to have other people talk more than me in a conversation.”


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