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Property Profile

631 RT-12 | Surry, NH 03431
Leasable Area
23,255 sq. ft.

From Listing to Closing: The Journey of a Successful Safe Store Transaction with Matthews™


Challenge: Navigating the Safe Store Acquisition

The property, located at 631 RT-12 in Surry, NH, is a self-storage facility in the southwestern corner of New Hampshire. With its stunning landscapes, the town offers an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities, attracting hikers and nature enthusiasts.


The seller’s main objective was to streamline responsibilities and dedicate more time to the core family business. Additionally, a crucial goal was to utilize seller financing as a strategy to fetch the highest possible price. This involved providing an appealing interest rate to attract potential buyers and securing additional income through post-sale interest payments.


The buyer, a private client, owned a storage facility in Vermont and sought to expand their portfolio through the Safe Store acquisition. Their objectives aligned with leveraging seller financing to meet the seller’s criteria while maximizing their return on investment.


Structuring Success: Seller Financing and Safe Store Integration

Given the distinctive goals and requirements of both the seller and buyer, negotiating seller financing terms became pivotal. Matthews™ agent Milton Braasch was challenged with structuring a deal that accommodated the seller’s need for an attractive interest rate and the buyer’s aim to maximize returns. Open and clear communication among all parties involved was crucial, especially considering it was the first time both parties engaged in a self-storage seller-financed transaction with each other.


Closing the Deal – Success in Self-Storage with Safe Store Expansion

The outcome was a successful deal that satisfied the objectives of both the seller and the buyer. Multiple offers within 5% of the list price were sourced, demonstrating the property’s market appeal. Importantly, the deal was closed with the first group of buyers that went under contract, a result of a strong relationship previously built with the buyer. This successful transaction not only allowed the seller to refocus on their primary family business but also facilitated the buyer’s strategic portfolio expansion through the Safe Store acquisition.


Client Testimonial

“We had Milton from Matthews Real Estate market our storage facility. We were referred to him by our lawyer who had had dealings involving him and his organization in the recent past. We are sure glad we did, we were initially going to accept another offer without consultation of a professional who markets these types of properties. Once the original prospect started getting complicated in the transaction, our lawyer recommended Milton. They put together a very professional presentation of the property, had a number of prospects within days of the offering, and we settled on a buyer. All along the process Milt kept all informed, had weekly calls to keep me up to date as the sale proceeded, and kept communications open with both buyer, seller, and their respective parties who were involved in the transaction. I can highly recommend his services. While he is located 2,500 miles away, he handled it like he was local to us. All calls and questions promptly returned and answered.”

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