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Boulder Crossroads Apt, Denver Metro

Greater Denver Metro Area: Three Property Multifamily Portfolio Refinance


Matthews™ Capital Markets (MCM) faced the challenge of securing $94,555,000 in new financing, which included $9,400,000 in preferred equity for a multi-property multifamily portfolio refinance in the greater Denver metro area. The portfolio comprised more than 500+ units, necessitating a comprehensive financing solution to meet the client’s needs.



In response to the opportunity, David Treadwell formulated a strategic approach focused on leveraging his network of capital partners and expertise in real estate financing. The strategy involved meticulous assessment of the client’s objectives, the properties’ financial performance, and market conditions. Understanding the need for stability and flexibility, Treadwell negotiated a five-year Freddie Mac loan with a fixed interest rate and two years of interest-only payments. Additionally, recognizing the broader recapitalization goals of the client, the strategy included securing new preferred equity to stabilize cash flow over the next five years. MCM’s strategy emphasized creative thinking and collaboration with capital partners to tailor a financing solution that addressed the complexities of the transaction while aligning with the client’s long-term objectives.



Through strategic planning and collaborative efforts, MCM successfully navigated the challenges of the multifamily portfolio refinance in Denver, Colorado. By securing a five-year Freddie Mac loan with favorable terms and additional preferred equity, MCM enabled the client to achieve their recapitalization goals and enhance cash flow stability for the foreseeable future. The transaction exemplified MCM’s commitment to building strong relationships with both the client and capital partners. As a result, the client could proceed with confidence, knowing that their real estate portfolio was positioned for sustained success in the dynamic Denver market.

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