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The Matthews™ Podcast |  Episode #11

The Adjustments in Capital Commitments: Real Estate Investing Trends Today vs. a Year Ago

In this episode of the Matthews™ podcast, your host Cliff Carnes is joined by Matthews Capital Market experts Clark Finney, Patrick Flanagan, and Ron Davis. Our experts discuss the current trends in capital markets and how they compare to the previous year. They also cover the allocation of capital by investors, market trends, and the property types that are attracting capital on the equity and debt side. And, provide insight on what banks and lenders are looking for in borrowers and deals compared to last year.



Podcast Breakdown 

1:11 — How have capital commitments adjusted? And what factors are impacting capital markets at the moment? What shifts have you seen in the market?


3:34 — Where do you think rates will land in 2023 versus the end of the year?


5:27 — What will capital availability look like this year in capital raising and the debt markets? Will they stay the same, get worse, or get better?


7:50 — How are investors allocating capital for real estate this year? What are you seeing this year compared to last year on the investor side?


9:06 — What can you tell us about the trends in the market right now, anything different, surprising, or expected?


9:50 —  What is the consensus with investors regarding the preferred term?


11:12 — What property types do you see capital gravitating towards on the equity and debt sides? What are banks and other lenders looking at in terms of borrowers and deals?


12:48 — Parting words of advice for borrowers in today’s market

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