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The Matthews™ Podcast |  Episode #12

Self-Storage: The Resilient Asset Class | Industry Trends, Projections, and Key Considerations

In this episode of the Matthews™ podcast, your host Matthew Wallace is joined by Matthews’ Self-Storage expert Austin McLeod. This episode dives into the current state of the self-storage market, including where the most active markets are and which ones investors should be targeting. They also highlight the industry’s  long-term future, including potential trends for the next 5-10 years and the possibility of more consolidation. Listen in as Austin provides expert tips for investors looking to enter or are already in the self-storage space.


Podcast Breakdown

1:24 — Let’s talk about self-storage from 30,000 feet. What is self-storage, and what attracted you to the asset class?

3:46 — What were some challenges in the early stages of getting into the self-storage space?

4:43 — How is self-storage different from your traditional triple net lease? What are some of the nuances of a self-storage deal that investors need to understand?

8:54 — What are some subclasses within self-storage, like RV and boat storage, and how are they performing?

10:04 — Since entering the self-storage market, what changes have you seen?

11:51 — What drove the shift into self-storage for the larger institutions?

13:45 — What is your outlook for self-storage going forward?

15:42 — Let’s dive into the public storage and life storage deal. What are your thoughts on the movements occurring here, and what impact does that have on the industry?

19:44 — What markets are the most transactional?

20:24 — What are your expectations for the market for the next 5 and 10 years?

22:21 — Parting words of advice for investors looking to get into the space


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