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The Matthews Podcast – Episode #23

In this episode of The Matthews Podcast, Kyle Matthews. Founder & CEO of Matthews Real Estate Investment Services, shares insights into what makes the company’s culture and strategies for success, as well as his outlook on the commercial real estate industry. He discusses how Matthews has leveraged technology and data integration to improve broker efficiency while also providing valuable insights on talent development. Throughout the discussion, Kyle emphasizes the importance of hard work, surrounding oneself with success, and finding a company that invests in employees. For anyone working or interested in CRE, this episode provides valuable perspectives from an industry leader.



Key Takeaways
  • Importance of technology & data in streamlining processes, improving decision making, and giving agents back valuable time
  • The challenges of disrupting traditional brokerage models
  • Prioritizing cash reserves & continuing growth during downturns like COVID-19 and the 2008 financial crisis
  • Focusing recruitment on candidates with the right mindset and mental toughness over just skills and experience
  • Committing to the fundamentals of brokerage like prospecting and follow up can lead to success more than sales techniques alone
  • CRE predictions and insights on future industry trends like remote work, office fundamentals, and the role of AI
  • Advice for young professionals to prioritize hard work, sacrifice, and surrounding themselves with success

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