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The Matthews Podcast — Episode #16

In this episode of The Matthews Podcast, your host Matthew Wallace is joined by Matthews’ Market Leaders, David Treadwell, and Kurt Sauer. David is the market leader in Denver, Colorado. He brings over 14 years of experience in commercial real estate and capital markets, completing more than $1 billion in transactional volume since 2010. Kurt serves as the Minneapolis market leader, and prior to joining Matthews, Kurt established his career as a top Midwest broker. And unbeknownst to many, they both played professionally before entering the commercial real estate world. In this episode, they discuss why athletes fit well into brokerage, starting and growing a new office at Matthews, and the mentality and motivation required to succeed in commercial real estate.


Podcast Breakdown

01:30 — How did you get started in commercial real estate, and what’s your story from being a professional athlete to a CRE professional?

07:26 — What has been the most valuable skill that you’ve leaned on from your athletic career to help you succeed in brokerage, and why?

10:40 — What skills are you looking for in the agents you are hiring to build out your offices in Denver and Minneapolis?

14:34 — When starting your career, was there something you wish you would have known that you had to learn the hard way?

16:19 — What are some strategies you leveraged in your career that you share with new agents on business development and how to build a client base in the industry?

18:29 — Do you have any advice for agents looking to get into brokerage at this point in the market cycle?

22:35 — Best stories from professional career

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