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The Matthews Podcast – Episode #21


In this episode host Matthew Wallace is joined by Mike Salik, First Vice President at Matthews Real Estate Investment Services™. Mike discusses his career journey in commercial real estate, starting from when he first got into the industry doing assignments on homebuilder lots, through his time in the Navy, working on real estate projects for the Navy, and transitioning to the private sector focusing on industrial real estate. Together, they dive into trends in the industrial market, Jacksonville’s performance, and government-backed leases.


Key Topics

  • How Mike Got His Start in Commercial Real Estate
  • His Role in the Navy
  • Jumping into Real Estate on the Civilian side
  • The Due Diligence Required for Bombing Range Expansion
  • What Brought Him to Matthews
  • The Skill Sets & Traits He Learnt in the Navy that Have Transitioned to Brokerage
  • Trends in the Southeast Industrial Market
  • Thoughts & Outlook on the Current Cycle
  • Difference Between a Standard Corporate-Backed Lease & a Government-Backed Lease
  • The Nuances of a GSA Property

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