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30 Sep 2022

How the Unemployment Rate Is Affecting CRE

The U.S. Labor Market Post Pandemic Since COVID-19, the workforce increased by more than 300,000 people, and COVID-19-related unemployment fell by 1.8 million. Wage growth slowed, indicating that employers were laboring to fill lower-wage posts that had been dormant for years as a nationwide labor shortage seemed to be easing. Hiring in hospitality industries like […]

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man preparing food in kitchen
18 Aug 2022

Ghost Kitchens & Restaurant Inflation

5 min read

What Is a Ghost Kitchen? COVID-19 significantly impacted the restaurant industry and how it operates. Between the pandemic, inflation, supply chain issues, and labor shortages, restaurants found new ways to cut operating costs. One of those ways is moving operations to a ghost kitchen business model.   A ghost kitchen or virtual restaurant are spaces […]

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outdoor dining
9 Aug 2022

Virtual Patios | A New Model for Restaurant Design

The Emergence of Virtual Patios When indoor capacity was limited throughout the pandemic, the ability to offer outdoor dining became a lifeline for many restaurants struggling to stay open. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the implementation of outdoor patio spaces has skyrocketed, helping many businesses remain open and profitable. With the emergence of virtual patios, the […]

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kids playing at child care
26 Jul 2022

Child Care Sector Overview

Investment Opportunity in the Child Care Sector The child care sector is growing rapidly due to a shift in economy and employment, making the industry a key market for investment asset opportunities. The need for on-demand child care is driven by rising incomes, more dual-career couples, population growth among children under age 5, and more […]

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15 Oct 2021

It’s a Landlord’s Market

2 min read

Rents have increased 11.5 percent year-over-year, according to Bloomberg, making it increasingly difficult to for low-income tenants to afford rent. Apartment List reported that each one of the nation’s top 100 largest metros have seen increased rents month-over-month for the last five months. Rent spikes are most prominent in places like the Phoenix metro or […]

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4 Oct 2021

Drive-Thrus | The Future of Off-Premise Sales

3 min read

Drive-thrus remain a prevalent method for revenue during a time of uncertainty. Though drive-thrus were more commonly associated among fast-food chains, drive-thrus quickly became a retail staple amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With several companies hunting for locations with drive-thru capabilities, there is no shortage of demand. Though leasing activity slowed across the nation during a […]

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1 Oct 2021

Eviction Moratorium Extended in Los Angeles

1 min read

The temporary eviction moratorium in California ended September 30th, 2021, but Los Angeles County has extended commercial tenant protection to January 2022 and residential protection in the City of Los Angeles to October 2022. This applies to financially burdened tenants due to the COVID-19 pandemic, though landlords can still evict tenants for other reasons, like […]

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18 May 2021

What Does Biden’s Tax Plan Mean for Commercial Real Estate Investors?

3 min read

  The American Families Plan is the second part of President Joe Biden’s 10-year initiative, the counterpart to a $2.3 trillion infrastructure and jobs package, dubbed the American Jobs Plan. It is a $1.8 trillion economic proposal to support childcare, education, family leave, among other initiatives. It will be paid for by tax hikes on […]

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20 Apr 2021

Investor Outlook: Q1 2021 Survey Results

7 min read

  Investors predict that the commercial real estate industry will noticeably begin to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021. Retailers will adjust to new norms, offices will alter space needs based on teleworking trends, centrally located industrial distribution space will increase assuming growth in e-commerce, and multifamily development will recalibrate based on renter demands. […]

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