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We are seeing yesterday’s shopping centers morphing into experience-based, consumer engaged spaces. These shopping center spaces are transforming into mixed-use commercial offerings that are designed to meet the needs of new generational shoppers. These consumers want to shop in environments that focus on live, work, play, and convenience.
This has caused developers to think about:

  • How many and what kinds of tenants the space should have
  • How the size of the space will affect the success
  • Where the site should be located to benefit the community
  • What role the anchor stores should play
  • What non-traditional elements should the space have

These spaces must also find ways for tenants to coexist with digital retailers, embracing them as partners, and creating a cohesive area. If done right, mixed-use development designs will not only incorporate various types of real estate but complement them, infusing residential, commercial and industrial space into one.

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