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The Matthews Podcast | Episode #3

The Flight to Safety: What’s in Store for Net Lease in 2022?

In this episode of the Matthews™ Podcast, specialized agents explore the shifts that occurred in the net lease space due to COVID-19, what to expect from the sector post-pandemic in 2022, and what retailers and markets investors are targeting. Matthews™ Market Leader, Matthew Wallace is joined by CRE experts Simon Assaf, Courtney Haubach, and Gavan Singh.

Podcast Breakdown

0:58 – From pre-COVID, to COVID, and to post-COVID, the retail sector has gone through its fair share of adjustments. What have been the main differences in these three eras? Have you seen the landscape shift over the past 18 months?

2:19 – How does net lease compare to other sectors in commercial real estate? Let’s dive into the flight to safety

3:32 – What’s moving the needle in terms of buyer preferences? What attracting both big and small investors to the space?

5:05 – Retailers that remained open or had drive-thrus, among other pandemic-resilient features, become more attractive. Do you see that shifting now that we have emerged from the pandemic?

5:43 – What factors in the market today are making the current environment a perfect storm for sellers?

9:09 – You mentioned a shift out of multifamily was made, was this policy driven?

10:49 – Can you expand on the sale leaseback space? How has that been evolving over the last couple of years? Can you expand on that type of transaction?

13:31 – Where are investors moving capital? What are the markets that are doing well? And what are the benefits from investing in a tax-free state?

15:13 – What are some of the other tax benefits that investors should keep their eye on?

16:07 –  Let’s expand on cost segregation depreciation, what does that entail?

17:19 – What are the biggest takeaways that you want principals to consider when selling their investment?

22:43 – Where do you think cap rates are going to fall at the end of 2022?

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