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Here’s an update on all proposed COVID-19-related legislation that would impact multifamily and commercial properties within California. Matthews™ is committed to keeping the commercial real estate community informed and will continue to offer our services during these market changes. For more information, please contact a Matthews™ specialized agent.

  1. Proposition 15- Split Roll Tax on Commercial & Industrial Properties
  2. Proposition 21- A local Rent Control Initiative
  3. Assembly Bill 828- Temporary Moratorium & unlawful detailer actions- COVID-19
  4. Assembly Bill 1436- Homeowner, Tenant, and Small Landlord Relief Act of 2020
  5. Assembly Bill 1703- Sale of Rental Properties To Increase Inventory of Affordable Housing
  6. Senate Bill 1410- Rent Relief Bill

Please note that the bills stated above are subject to changes.

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