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On July 9th, an assembly bill (AB-142) allowing statewide rent control and “just cause” eviction policies until 2023, was passed in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Here’s what we know about the bill so far:
· Annual rent increases would cap at 7% plus the consumer price index 
· Landlords will only be allowed to evict tenants with “just cause” 
· It would apply to nearly all of California’s rental housing stock, including apartments and some single-family home but excluding homes constructed in the past 10 years 
· It would only apply in areas where homes are not already covered by local rent control policies 
The bill is now headed to the Senate Appropriations Committee next and will then seek approval from the full Senate. For more information on the statewide rent control bill, visit the California Apartment Association (CAA) and Apartment Owners Association of California, Inc. (AOA).

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