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The Matthews Podcast – Making it in Brokerage

Episode #24: Cory Rosenthal & Charles Wright

Commercial real estate brokerage is changing. According to Cory Rosenthal and Charles Wright, brokerage is in for a reset, where agents get back to the basics of making real connections with clients. In one of the most anticipated episodes yet, Cory (National Director of Multifamily and Market Leader) and Charles (Market Leader) share perspectives on where brokerage is today, where it’s heading, and what makes a successful broker at Matthews. Highlights of the episode include tips for agents looking to break through, how to weather a down market, and Matthews’ secrets to success that start on day one.


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Key Topics:

  • Changes in brokerage over the past decade
  • How technology has changed brokerage, including information availability
  • The importance of urgency and culture in brokerage
  • Commercial real estate during a down market
  • How success is the sum of small wins
  • The future of brokerage


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