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Live. Work. Play. | How consumer preferences are shaking up retail

DATE August 6, 2019 / Author

We are seeing yesterday’s shopping centers morphing into experience-based, consumer engaged spaces. These shopping center spaces are transforming into mixed-use commercial offerings that are designed to meet the needs of new generational shoppers. These consumers want to shop in environments that focus on live, work, play, and convenience. This has caused developers to think about: […]

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Opportunities in Opportunity Zones: A look at the top up-and-coming areas in the U.S.

DATE August 5, 2019 / Author

With more than 8,700 designated census tracts in the Opportunity Zone program, some offer a greater appreciation potential for investors than others. Federal criteria for determining the eligibility of an Opportunity Zone census tract include property rates above 20 percent or median family income below 80 percent of either the statewide or metropolitan area income. […]

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Rent Control Bill in California Moves Forward to Senate

DATE July 12, 2019 / Author

On July 9th, an assembly bill (AB-142) allowing statewide rent control and “just cause” eviction policies until 2023, was passed in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Here’s what we know about the bill so far: · Annual rent increases would cap at 7% plus the consumer price index  · Landlords will only be allowed to evict […]

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President Trump’s New Order Affects Dialysis Market

DATE July 11, 2019 / Author

An executive order was signed by President Trump this week to reform the kidney treatment industry. The order will create new payment models to encourage more kidney transplants and give patients incentives to seek dialysis treatment at home instead of at more expensive treatment centers. Section 5 of the executive order states the following : Payment […]

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A Region to Watch: An In-Depth Look into the Midwest Shopping Center Market

DATE July 1, 2019 / Author

As economic expansion continues, core or primary markets are tightening, and secondary and tertiary markets are starting to gain traction. The following report highlights a top investment region – the midwest and the current shopping center market. Capital has historically been drawn to the larger Midwestern cities such as Chicago and Minneapolis which have more […]

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Texas Multifamily Growth | Infographic

DATE April 11, 2019 / Author

Dallas-Fort Worth & Austin-Round Rock are not only the best cities for jobs and business relocation, but are some of the best markets for real estate investments. Overall, the long term demand for rentals in these areas are likely to remain high for a variety of demographic and social reasons. Click the infographic below to […]

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5 Industrial Property Types to Know

DATE April 5, 2019 / Author

Demand for industrial space continues to rise with an immense amount of foreign and domestic capital still looking to buy into this growing sector. As e-commerce continues to play an important role for retailers, industrial will continue to be sought out and be vital for business operations. Investors should pay attention to the benefits of […]

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The Extended 1031 Exchange Process: An Improved Alternative Method to a Traditional Exchange

DATE April 3, 2019 / Author

Under section 1031 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, a 1031 Exchange allows investors to defer capital gains tax when they sell any property for productive use in trade, business, or investment, and reinvest the proceeds from the sale within specific time limits into a property or properties of like-kind and equal or higher value. […]

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The Growth and Future of Multifamily in Central Los Angeles

DATE April 2, 2019 / Author

Los Angles, also know as the City of Angels, is home to iconic celebrities, perfect wealth, and some of the highest rental rates in the United States. Having the fourth highest share of renters in the country, the Los Angeles Metro Area averages a rental rate of almost 54 percent. That seems high, but in […]

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