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The Revitalization of Retail: The digital transformation driving next generation store experiences

DATE September 3, 2019 / Author

In the past ten years, we have witnesses some of the most dramatic changes in retail. From store closures to companies going out of business and some large retailers declaring bankruptcy– retail has endured a heavyweight fight with modern-day consumers and e-commerce giants like Amazon. There has also been an excess amount of media coverage […]

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2019 Casual Dining Outlook: How millennial appetites are shaping the sector

DATE August 23, 2019 / Author

The past 24 months have been a whirlwind for the Casual Dining sector. The struggle and subsequent adaptation to the declining millennial appetite for this asset class has dramatically shifted the sector. Investors have been aware for some time now that main concepts in the Casual Dining space have been declining in traffic, sales volume, […]

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Top Trends in Industrial Real Estate

DATE July 31, 2018 / Author

Did you know that Industrial transaction volume reached $72.2 billion in 2017, according to Real Capital Analytics? We’ve all heard the buzz surrounding the industrial sector right now and our latest infographic explores what’s going on in industrial real estate: Shallow Bay buildings Micro Distribution Centers Aging Manufacturing Sites Data Centers And More! Click here […]

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2018 Restaurant Outlook

DATE July 16, 2018 / Author

Traditionally, commercial real estate investors measured restaurant performance prospects by the location’s average household income, and extrapolating traffic counts. Today’s market requires a more strategic approach. Successful restaurants are increasingly becoming a destination with a unique atmosphere, where a consumer can grab something in the most efficient way possible. An investor needs to take into […]

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Is This Property Corporately Guaranteed?

DATE February 20, 2018 / Author

Are you up to date on who the guarantor is on your property’s lease? An emerging trend is threatening to change the status of corporate guarantees, which prompts the questions: when is a corporate guarantee not always destined to remain a corporate guarantee? Read about which franchisors are participating in the trend, how it will […]

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E-Commerce Transforming Demand in the Industrial Sector

DATE December 11, 2017 / Author

Of the 65 million square feet of industrial real estate absorbed in the first half of 2017, over 57 percent is classified as distribution and warehouse space. The overwhelming demand of this asset is attributed to recent year’s shifts in consumer spending and the explosion of e-commerce. Explore the role e-commerce is playing in today’s […]

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Top Trends in Industrial Real Estate

DATE October 30, 2017 / Author

The Industrial sector is booming! With Amazon looking to take over and e-commerce impacting retail, we are seeing immense growth in industrial real estate. Here are some of the top trends in this sector: 1.  E-commerce, E-commerce, E-commerce 2. Aging Manufacturing Sites Become Data Centers 3. Technology’s Impact on Manufacturing Facilities 4. Shallow Bay Buildings […]

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Is Casual Dining Keeping Up with the Millennial Appetite?

DATE June 27, 2017 / Author

In recent years, there has been a lot of speculation regarding the casual dining industry and what its future looks like. Casual dining brands used to be the “go to investment” in the restaurant retail sector but have recently been falling in terms of year over year growth and store revenue. The casual dining industry […]

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