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9 Upgrades Shopping Centers are Maing

Infographic: 9 Upgrades Shopping Centers are Making

DATE April 3, 2018 / Author

Most property owners are well aware of the approaches that have proved successful in the past are no longer working. The challenge is to devise a strategy that will not only meet the needs of the current retail landscape but also pave the way to greater opportunities in the future. Matthews™ has examined a number […]

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Invest Now save Later

Invest Now & Save Later: 5 Steps to Save on Your Property Expenses

DATE March 19, 2018 / Author

A good preventative maintenance plan will prevent costly repairs and replacements down the line. Matthews™ outlines the steps to take and the unique teams to have in place to get the most out of your plan. Find out if you’re taking the right steps to save on your property expenses and how Matthews™ can help. […]

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Is This Property Corporately Guaranteed?

DATE February 20, 2018 / Author

Are you up to date on who the guarantor is on your property’s lease? An emerging trend is threatening to change the status of corporate guarantees, which prompts the questions: when is a corporate guarantee not always destined to remain a corporate guarantee? Read about which franchisors are participating in the trend, how it will […]

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E-Commerce Transforming Demand in the Industrial Sector

E-Commerce Transforming Demand in the Industrial Sector

DATE December 11, 2017 / Author

Of the 65 million square feet of industrial real estate absorbed in the first half of 2017, over 57 percent is classified as distribution and warehouse space. The overwhelming demand of this asset is attributed to recent year’s shifts in consumer spending and the explosion of e-commerce. Explore the role e-commerce is playing in today’s […]

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Mix It Up - Q&A with Mike Pakravan

Q&A – Michael Pakravan, SVP & National Director – Retail Leasing

DATE November 13, 2017 / Author

For years, landlords have attempted to find the perfect synergistic mix in their commercial properties, thus maximizing net income, reducing vacancy and finding a balance. Matthews™ SVP and National Director of Leasing, Michael Pakravan, gives an inside look at what landlords and owners should do to create their center’s signature cocktail of tenants. Click here […]

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