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Dallas Macy’s Experimenting With Smaller Concept Store

DATE February 6, 2020 / Author

CoStar announced Macy’s would be reducing its mall and stand-alone locations to 15,000 square feet with curated merchandise to win back shoppers. In the Southlake, Texas location, where the primary age group of shoppers is 40 years old, Macy’s will offer the popular sold items as well as introduce locally crafted products for a neighborhood […]

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Top 10 Trends in Commercial Real Estate

DATE January 6, 2020 / Author

As investment expectations continue to redefine the commercial real estate market, Matthews™ breaks down the trends and movements investors should keep on their radar. Rent Control Causes Uncertainty in the Market Millennials are Migrating to Suburbia Multifamily Buildings Trending Upward Strong Market Fundamentals Make Industrial a Hot Product Type Investors Are Flocking to Secondary Markets […]

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The Expansion & Health of the Industrial Sector

DATE December 18, 2019 / Author

Driven by the increasing demand of e-commerce and instant shipping, the industrial market continues to see expansion and experience healthy growth. Not only do businesses need industrial real estate to keep up with demand for customers but investors are chasing industrial deals for security, higher rates of return, and long-term wealth appreciation. As a passive […]

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Maintaining Liquidity: The Evolution of the Capital Stack

DATE December 17, 2019 / Author

For commercial real estate, lower interest rates could translate to additional market opportunities as well as some risks. For the first time since December 2008, the Federal Reserve lowered the Fed Funds Rate three times with the most recent cut occurring in October 2019. The rate has recently been cut to 1.50 to 1.75 percent […]

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Multifamily Rent Growth: Where are rents rising the most in the U.S?

DATE December 16, 2019 / Author

Since December 2018, rent appreciation has steadily increased, indicating this growth will not slow down any time soon. Key fundamentals such as higher national wages, job growth, and unemployment rates at a 50-year low have all contributed to the increasing popularity of renting, thus feeding into rental rate growth. Although majority of multifamily developments as […]

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Multifamily Construction Challenges: What Constraints are Looming in the Market?

DATE December 6, 2019 / Author

Due to numerous market factors, the real estate development industry is struggling to deliver new multifamily product in an affordable price range while at the same time being profitable. Developers have long blamed the high cost of labor and construction prices as the impediment to supply, and now they point to uncertainty around tariffs and […]

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The Affordability Crisis: How Rent Control is Making Waves in Multifamily

DATE November 25, 2019 / Author

After World War II, the War Emergency Tenant Protection Act was created to protect tenants from war-related housing shortages serving as the first form of rent control. Since then, rent regulation policies have evolved with the intention to create more affordable housing options. The pros and cons of rent control have been long debated among […]

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Food Halls: How modern consumers & social media are setting the table for the dining experience 

DATE October 21, 2019 / Author

Consumers today expect an experience as soon as they step outside their place of residence, and are spending an increased amount of money on food, specifically eating out. Channel definitions are blurring, and a bevy of new options are combining the role of the restaurant, grocer, farmer, and concierge – concepts like Food Halls. Today’s […]

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The Revitalization of Retail: The digital transformation driving next generation store experiences

DATE September 3, 2019 / Author

In the past ten years, we have witnesses some of the most dramatic changes in retail. From store closures to companies going out of business and some large retailers declaring bankruptcy– retail has endured a heavyweight fight with modern-day consumers and e-commerce giants like Amazon. There has also been an excess amount of media coverage […]

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